About Us

Who we are and where we came kuickpick.com from is your home for personalized and unique gift ideas. Created in May 2022 by Ilyas Joseph. kuickpick.com has grown immensely thanks to your support. And, although we’ve never deviated from our original commitment to offering unique and personal gifts that cannot be purchased on the High Street, we’ve worked hard to develop new ideas and further extend our range of products. We started the company with our Personalized Calendar, and even today, it’s still one of our most popular products. However, although we attribute some of our success to our commitment to offering great gifts at affordable prices, none of it would have been possible without the support and enthusiasm of people like you. Indeed, as many of our gifts are designed and produced exclusively ‘in-house’, all of our best selling items have been created as a consequence of customer suggestions. The Card Factory Group kuickpick.com is now part of The Card Factory Group. Card Factory are the UK’s fastest growing and market-leading card and gift retailer with over 800 stores on the high street today. Visit Card Factory online and find your local Card Factory store. Customer Reviews We’re always working hard to deliver the best product quality and customer service.